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JUNE 2015 Dear Pastor and Church Brethren: A warm heavenly Christian greeting from northern Philippines! Just a quick update of the ministry here in Apayao, Philippines. CHURCH: The church ministry is doing fine. After a busy summer, we are back to the normal ministries. We continue to do our Tracts Distribution, Street/ Market Preaching, House to House/Village to Village Visitation, Soul Winning and Witnessing. We are starting a ministry this month where we will go to different places on Sunday afternoons to teach children songs, tell them Bible stories and hopefully many of their parents will come also. MISSIONS and OUTREACHES: We continue to pray for what we can do to assist church planters and local missionaries here. We just added one pastor and his family for monthly financial support as they revive and strengthen a work in one of the towns of Apayao. May I also take this opportunity to ask for your prayers for the pastor that went to Tacloban City to start a church after the super typhoon hit that place. Since he started the church, we were able to help him financially, but recently, he had a mild heart attack and when I talked to him last week, he went to Manila to regain his health and said that he will be back there as soon as his health will be better. He is on his mid 60’s, so please pray for his (and his family’s) needs. Also, we have taken an older pastor for monthly support because he is having dialysis procedure twice a week. He is also in his 60’s. Because of his situation, he stepped down as a pastor but is still preaching to different churches when he is invited, however he cannot travel far so he is just doing his preaching close to his home. He relies mostly on love offering to support him, his wife and his medication and dialysis treatments. ACADEMY: The Christian school here resumed classes for this school year last Monday. All in all, we have 188 students (k4-Fifth Grade). Please continue to pray for these students and their parents that many of them will come to the saving knowledge of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray also for our school building project. Lord willing, we will be able to do some construction on the second floor of the building. We are hoping to work on at least on three (3) rooms- a classroom, a library and an office. Each room will cost us about $3,000.00 to $3,500.00 (rough estimate). PREACHING SCHEDULE: REVIVAL MEETING- we have scheduled a weekend Revival Meeting for our church and Christian School this coming July 3-5. Please pray for souls to be saved and for believers to be challenged. I am also scheduled to PREACH for a CHURCH ANNIVERSARY in a different province (about an 8 hour bus ride from us) the last weekend of June. CAMBODIA TRIP: I am scheduled to go to Cambodia this coming month (July 16-31). Please pray that things will go well with all the traveling and the preaching schedules. Please pray for my safety and my family’s safety during this time. I will be flying to Vietnam and take a bus from Vietnam to Cambodia. This will be my first trip outside the Philippines and the US and I am excited. I had a lot of invitations for the last few years for Missions Trips in some of the Asian countries but was not able to do it until this time. I will be going with Dr. Terry Donohue, my Missions Professor when I was at Landmark Baptist College. I also have a classmate from Landmark that is doing a great work in India and he has been trying to get me to go there and we are hoping we can do so at the end of this year; if not maybe next year. Please pray for the needs for my CAMBODIAN trip and I will let you know how it went when I will be back. FAMILY: Our family is doing fine. Amie is back to teaching, Mikey is enjoying his school, Micaiah is growing so fast and is enjoying the chickens, cats and dogs in our yard and he likes looking for goats, cows and the other animals in our neighborhood. God bless you all and thank you very much for your continued interest, prayers and financial support and help to the ministry here and our family. Prayerfully yours in Christ Jesus, MICHAEL T. TRUMPO & FAMILY (Michael, Amie, Mikey & Micaiah) Missionaries in Northern Philippines

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